Useful Tips

Important Tips for Employer – What You Need To Know About Your Maid.

To Ensure your maid to focus one job at a time

  • Do not load them too many jobs at the same time.
  • Do a simple timetable schedule for her if possible.
  • Do not expect your maid have the initiative or who can read your mind and perception about your request.

To Ensure your maid understand your instruction correctly

  • Kindly don’t shout at them, or raised your voice, call stupid.
  • They will not ask you as they are frightened.
  • Please be patience with them as they came here to work.

To Ensure you buy enough food for your maid and family

  • Make sure she got enough food / 3 meals per day
  • You can ask her to list down the food required for her and your family if you are too busy with work.

Treat her as part of your family

  • Ask her if she need to write letter back home by assisting her with the postage.
  • Make sure she got enough sleep.
  • Give her time to improve as she cannot get use to your family culture or shock for duration of 2-3 months.
  • Make sure bring her to doctor when she fall sick or not feeling well as she was work to your family.